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Thanks to a generous grant, The Atlas Society has the opportunity to promote readership of Ayn Rand’s magnum opus, Atlas Shrugged via this book trailer.

Ayn Rand called art “the indispensable medium for the communication of a moral ideal.” As such, The Atlas Society is the indispensable organization, communicating Rand’s ideas in artistically creative ways, from graphic novels to animated videos, to live action videos.

By capitalizing on our strong social media presence, we created the FIRST EVER book trailer to convey the captivating suspense and drama of Atlas Shrugged.

With this video, we pioneered building an AI model to transform live action into anime. Having mastered this cutting edge technology, we’ll leverage it to create more captivating videos like this one.  

This trailer introduces the reader to a sweeping suspenseful sci-fi thriller, a book that's moved millions, a book that's controversial, and eerily prophetic of what we're living through today.

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Watch the Atlas Shrugged trilogy

Watch the Atlas Shrugged trilogy
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